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The process of analyzing and getting a total understanding of Oneself

Introspection is a practical methodology for sublimating the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, etc., Between Thuriya and Thuriateetham the aspirant has to put himself though some important psychic practices under the process of Introspection in order to have his character reformed, to get enlightenment and to enjoy peaceful and happy life.

Five Primary Aspects of Introspection:

• Analysis of Thoughts

• Moralization of Desires

• Neutralization of Anger

• Eradication of Worries

• Who am I - Realization of the Self?

Nine Centre Meditation

• Enhancement of Bio-magnetism

• Salient Features, Benefits and curing of disease

Thuriyatheetha Meditation

• Sex and Spiritual Development

Nithyanandha Meditation (After Explanation)

• Greatness of Women

Panchendriya Meditation

• Manoeuvre of Six Temperaments

Nine Centre Meditation

• Life Before birth and After deaths

Shanthi Meditation

• Cause and Effect System